Somethings Never Change was a roleplay that was played in this wiki.

Somethings Never Change
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Ships In The Roleplay

Bade & Creddie

The users that contributed in this roleplay were:

Lynn - Jade West, Freddie Benson,

Alisha - Carly Shay, Cat Valentine, Sam Puckett, Beck Oliver, Robbie Shapiro

Lyn - Rein West, Tori Vega

* In Carly's apartment *

Carly: I love ravioli! *eats ravioli*

Freddie: I love ravioli too *smiles at Carly*

Beck: Jade doesnt like ravioli..

Jade: *Glares at Beck*

Carly: *notices intense situation* Hey Jade what's your next class ?

Jade: Uhh Sikowitz why?

Carly: Nah just like that asking

Freddie: Mine is Sikowitz too.*smiles*

Carly and Beck: *in unsion* Same

Jade: Ugh seriously? *looks at the sky* With him *points at Beck*

Carly: Cmon Jade.... Beck's nice and cool

Jade: Freddie is cooler *goes closer*

Freddie: *thinks jealous Carly and smiles at Jade*

Carly: *feels jealous* Yeaa well Beck is hot! *scoots towards beck*

Jade: I think that Freddie needs to learn how to do something that someone here didn't do well.*kisses Freddie*

Carly: *glares*

Beck: Wow! Well then someone here would love to do it!

Freddie: *puts his hand aound Jade's waist and enjoys jealous Carly*

Carly: Well best friend suddenly got a girlfriend after all these years *fake smiles*

Beck: *smirks*

Jade: Wow Freddie you are a great kisser unlike someone!

Carly: Well! I thought Freddie didnt know how to kiss!

Beck: Yeaaa I thought someone here is a little immature

Jade: Someone here didn't kiss Tori because she rejected and told her about the hamburger issue *pulls Freddie into a deep kiss*

Rein: *with Tori on the hallway*

Sam: What the chiz *sees Freddie and Jade kiss*

Rein: *before touching or pressing the door bell Tori slaps his hand*

Carly: Haha it is some chiz

Jade: So since that person got rejected now he better don't talk to me

Tori: *doorbells* Hello, anyone home?

Beck: Yeaaaa ... someone really knows

Carly: Who is it ? *opens door *

Jade: Someone left chat camera open

Tori And Rein: It's us!

Carly: *opens door * Hey guys!

Tori: So,what's going on?

Jade: I am kissing Freddie

Tori: ……….

Carly: Yes!

Jade: And no one will tell me to stop it.

Tori: I couldn't believe you would get with a boy like..Freddie??

Beck: Aha... *winks tori*

Sam: Yea Jade's taste is going bad and she is dating Mr Nubby McDorkelson

Jade: *pulls out* Yeah at least he knows how to kiss.

Jade: *Walks away from Freddie*

Rein: Did Jade turn in to ..Mrs.Nicey Pants Or Mrs.Tries-Someone To Be Jealous?

Carly: Well Freddie you finally got a girlfriend congratzz

Tori: *deep voice* Yeah....

Freddie: *whispers to Carly's ear* Carly why are you nervous?

Carly: Nervous? Haha Freddie now you have to be nervous

Beck: *walks over to Jade* I cant believe you're so immature

Sam: Well holy chiz on a chizzle

Robbie and Cat: *ring door bell*

Carly: Comin! *opens door* Hey guys...

Robbie: Hello lady!

Cat: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Sam: Hey Cat and hey Robbie

Jade: I am not immature your immature, stop being immature so I'll stop being immature.Wow very much immatures..

Beck: Well seems like you heard the word immature for the first time!!

Cat: Soo what's up?

Jade: Not much Beck being IMMATURE

Sam: Mr Nub and Miss Scissors are dating!

Beck: *epic eye roll*

Carly: Aha

Cat: Woah did you know my stuff toys are dating?

Jade: Watch out Beckett your eyes are gonna pop out from the rolling

Tori: Rein, want a smoothie?

Robbie: I dont think she means your stuff toys Cat

Rein: Nopes

Cat: Then?

Freddie: No we aren't dating we just kissed..several times

Sam: No you ditzy red head!

Tori: It's also like "dating", I thought Mr.Dorksville knew it all?

Carly: Then what was that for? Haha and Cat she means Freddie and Jade

Tori: Kissing several times isn't an "accident"

Cat: Ooh ! Jadey you're dating Freddie?

Jade: Yeah because my dork is better than yours.

Beck: Jade please stop being immature!

Carly: *sits near Beck*

Jade: Beckett from today for you, I am Miss West okay?

Robbie: Oh dear

Cat: Wha?

Tori: What on the chiz is going on?

Beck: Sure Miss Jadelyn Egan West!

Carly: Tori yeah, there is some chiz

Sam: Ugh I need a fatcake! *goes to refrigerator*

Jade: Vega I will tell five words, "night before Platinum Music Awards" does it remember you of something? Because it does remember me of something!

Tori: *looks confused* Wha?

Cat: I'm gonna go to Sam, I need water!

Jade: Oh come on neither of you, not even you, Beck, you are so innocent

Robbie: Oh dear I smell drama

Jade: And I smell punch *glares at Robbie*

Carly: Robbie, no one our age says that!

Tori: *pretends that she doesn't know it* What on earth are you talking about?

Beck: Jade please stop this!

Jade: No I am not stopping this! *starts crying and goes to the elevator to go upstairs and elevator stops with Jade in it*

Jade: Oh god, the elevator is stucked!

Cat To Sam: Do you think Jade is doing the right thing?

Sam: I dunno, I just need fried chicken!

Jade: *screams*Help, help!

Rein: Wanna get some at the grill house nearby?

Robbie: I hear someone screaming!

Tori: Beck, that must be Jade.

Jade: *lights turn off* *screams* Does anyone hear me?!

Carly: Wait Jade, this elevator has a help phone!

Jade: Rein, Tori, Carly, guys someone help me please!

Tori: I think that only happens at malls.

Jade: *sits on the elevator floor and cries*

Carly: Okay sorry maybe someone is in there

Rein: *screams* I might not be the smartest person but I know how to do it!

Freddie: Carly let's go call help!

Rein: *goes on the top floor*

Robbie: Wait!

Rein: Urgh I know my auntie taught me this. Aha!

Carly: Why should I go? You're already going to help yur girlfriend

Rein: *gets a long thin piece of steel*

Freddie: She's not my girlfriend Carly! Why don't you understand?!

Rein: *gets a large gear*

Beck: *worried but doesnt show his worriness*

Rein: That gear is broken and I need to fix that

Jade: *sobs*

Rein: I also happen to need a screwdriver.

Carly: I think when you kiss someone over and over, it usually means that!

Rein: *sees a screwdriver then unscrews the screen*

Robbie: Guys, guys calm down

Freddie: It means this! *kisses Carly*

Rein: *screams for the top floor* Jadey! Do you hear me?

Jade: Please, please I hear you help!

Carly: *kisses back a bit and then runs*

Rein: *ties a rope on the screen* *ties a knot aronnd the pants* Now i"ll just go down there

Freddie: Carly! *runs behind*

Beck: Wow Freddie likes kissing girls

Rein: *opens the upper door of the elevator*

Sam: What the chiz happened here?

Rein: Jadey looky here

Jade: Yes!

Beck to Sam: Freddie kissed Carly

Rein: Hold my hand

Beck: *still worried about Jade*

Rein: Then we just need to climb up that rope

Sam: Whoa where's Carly

Rein: *climbs up the rope*

Jade: *elevator starts moving like it's about to fall* I can't reach your hand!

Cat: Let's go to her Sam

Rein: Urgh okay

Sam: Wait, I hear something

Rein: *gets the long piece of steel* If you cant reach me, hold this!

Sam: *goes to the elevator area and see's Rein and Jade struggling*

Jade: *holds it* I caught it!

Sam: Oh my god *helps Rein*

Rein: Now just climb up the rope like I did!

Jade: *her hand starts bleeding*CRAP!

Beck: Well Cat, you?

Rein: We"ll fix that later!

Robbie: Yeaaa

Cat: I'm going!

Jade: *starts climbing and whimpers until she reaches up*

Sam: Jade reach my hand *gives hand*

Rein: Thank you Sammie for helping a little

Jade: *gives her nonbleeding hand to Sam* Pull me up!

Sam: Don't call me Sammie *pulls Jade up*

Cat: I'm going, I hope Carls is okay

Rein: *hugs Jade*

Beck: Yeaa I hope so too

Rein: Now I'll just screw this screen

Sam: *hugs Jade* Jade you good ?

Rein: There we go

Jade: *get's out and hugs Rein* My hand is bleeding *whimpers*

Robbie: Yeaaaa

Rein: I also know how to fix that

Freddie: *searches Carly*

Rein: *get old first aid kit*

Sam: Wow Rein where did you get that?

Jade: *shivers*

Rein: *puts a bandage on Jade's arm* Phew!

Robbie: It's ok little red thing! *kisses Cat*

Cat: *blushes*

Carly: *sits on a corner and crys*

Cat: Jade, can we go buy bibble now?

Jade: Cat we'll go later and buy bibble.

Carly: *look's up* Where's Sam?

Cat: Yay! *hugs Jadey with a jump*

Rein: Sam is still in the "Eat All You Can" restaurant

Sam: Momma's here *brings 9 buckets of chicken*

Jade: Can I have one bucket?

Carly: Sam....seriously?

Sam: No! My chicken

Rein: Yes Carly, seriously this chicken is for free

Carly: Sam it's not healthy

Jade: Saaaam please? *looks at everybody* Yeah I said please!

Sam: Fine only 1 *gives Jade a bucket*

Rein: *secretly records on phone when Jade says please*

Sam: Ooh and I got a boyfriend!

Carly and Cat: Wha!

Robbie: From where?

Jade: Nahh I was sure you'd get one you, are the smartest in here from both boys and girl *smirks at Beck and Freddie*

Sam: Meh! His name is Owen and he has tattoos and muscles

Rein: Check out the Splash Face

Carly: Sounds cool Sam

Cat: What is it Rein?

Robbie: Oh dear what an eventful day!Rein: *whispers to Cat* I put that video of Jade saying "please", it is already top 1 on Splash Face

Sam: Rob! No one says dear!

Cat: Oh my god! Jadey look on Splash Face

Sam: What video?!

Cat: Jade saying please to you!

Rein: *giggles*

Robbie: Oh dear

Carly: Wowie

Rein: It already has 100,000 views

Jade: Okay I am murdering! *attacks*

Beck: Well Jade dont be mad! C'mon

Jade: Sam help me here!

Cat: No Jadey! *screams*

Jade: Rein you are dead!

Sam: On it! *goes to Jade* Butter sock or hands?

Jade: Butter sock!

Sam: *swings buttersock*

Carly: Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rein: Sorry Jadey..*screams so loud*

Carly: *shows Sam chicken*

Jade: Don't call me that!

Sam: Chicken, chicken *hypnotises*

Rein: I am just more childish than you but I am much older than you! *shrieks*

Sam: *walks and takes chicken*

Jade: Did you just..showed anger at me?* deathly and dangerous glare with super low voice*

Beck: Jade......let's go

Carly: Jade you need to calm down

Robbie: Oh dear!

Rein: Yes you can see the dark side of me Jade

Sam: *throws a chicken at Robbie* No one says that! You're another nub like Freddnub

Beck: Rein calm down please....

Rein: *hair turns black and becomes like Jade* No and I will never calm down!

Robbie: Oh my!

Sam: Woah

Carly and Cat in unison: Oh my god!

Beck: Uh............*shakes head* The West family these days....

Rein: Don't you call me Rein... I'm Onyx

And that's it folks. You might be getting a sequel but who knows.

Oh and if you peeps were wondering who Rein is, he is Jade's sister. Lyn made up the character so yeah.

We have no clue what she looks like so yah.

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